Tuesday, March 06, 2007

more hard days to come

Design Site Analysis presentation board.
Presentation was yesterday.
Baizura said.. not enough info..
ought to go back to site again for further analysis..
so guess another 1 or 2 more board to come..
it's a group work by the way...

*original size in A2 - click to enlarge*

Minor Interim Crit supposedly today.
But.. err.. *speechless*
Our bad also.


My mood lately was like a total roller-coaster ride.
Yesterday my car aircond rosak.
A total of 3 hours jam pergi and balik from college was a total disaster..
I finally can feel what the chickens feel in the Kenny Roger's oven..
except I flooded lotsa F words and curses. Haha. Mind me.. I was FRUS ok.
Hot, humid, moody, jam, dust, sun, glares, smoke pollution.

Phew~~~ Finally can rest today. *wipes forehead*
For one night at least.

Mixed emotions sial.

*shrugs* life's like that. hope can make it a brighter one sooner. *finger crossed*

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