Saturday, March 10, 2007

24 hours ain't enough

24 hours ain't enough for me.
Can I like upgrade my daily hours like how I update my ram?
Probably if you give it an extra 5 hours or 10.... ain't gonna be enough too..
Why? 'cos most of the time.. i was forced to do other people's things.

So many things.. so little time..
Everything ain't easy to do..
Take hella lots of time which I never will have enough..

No one's helping.. but giving extra problems..
Sometimes I wonder..
hills and mountains of obstacles are seriously pissing me off..
Konon to make me a tougher person.. ya rite..
I AM human too. I need a space to store my happy hormones.
I can't even enjoy life when I'm young.
Come.. let's go clubbing with our grand-kids ok?

What is life anyway? We just live our life ONCE...
but we're flooding our lifetime with stress.. work.. emotions.. everything for MONEY
*rolls eyes*

I don't mind facing all these shitloads..
but if you ain't helping... then don't trash me.
Everything coming out from your mouth..
bulls' eye to the midst of me.
Bias queen.

I just wish to like freaking get a bedroom with toilet and internet access SOMEWHERE~

For god's sake.. at the mean time.. just leave me alone.. let me get my things done.
For once.

Err.. like please??

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