Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mr Kacang's Holiday

Highlights of today.
1. Met ManYee. A blast.
2. Met Ashley. Prettier liao. And also the famous Bellie girl that always hear from Paul & ManYee. Their housemate. Ex-i think..
3. KelvinJUJU the pilot. FFK king!!! The bad bad pilot. The-surely-crashed-aeroplane-pilot. His favourite past-time... FLY KITE!!!!


I went pyramid again today. Yea.. with ManYee again.. lol..
Nothing better to do at home (other than assignments & work) *i need a break okay!!* so go lepak with her for a movie and lunch.. and... late tea.

Parked at the hotel resort. The bloody lift was so stupid.. only half the lift was occupied but the bloody lift keep on alerting "overload".. so idiot. every level it stopped, 2 person have to go out.. if not the "overload" start making noise again. Damn dumb.
*no fat people in the lift ok.. don't start with your rubbish*


We watched... Mr Bean's Holiday movie. Before watching, I really thought it was quite a stupid movie 'cos sometimes things he do are like.. really really unacceptable. Total idiot though it supposed to be a comedy. He's like really getting old with wrinkles and all but his expressions are still that impressive. Think about it man.. he's a super high IQ and highly-educated prof. mann.. *sheeshhh*

Today, I laughed my ass out like HELL man.. didn't expect it to be nicer than the first. I totally hated the first movie. This time.. it was good but also MOU LIU a bit lar... but still worth the laugh. Certain part of the movie was really really stupid. Biasalar... Mr Bean wutt.. but some really ticklish. LOL.

I actually prefer the cartoon more.. than his real-life movies.. hehhehe..
*bite me*

Anyway.. back to the movie.. it was really funny..
*I think I repeated it a lot of times d rite.. =P*
I burst out laughing LOUD a few times until like.. paiseh-larrr....

The beanie man made new friends.. kena slapped.. chase chicken.. his facial expressions.. his high kicks.. his throwing-raw-oysters-into-some-lady's-bag, swallowing the whole damn lobster... *rolled eyes giddily* Loved the part where he stole the speaker from this black guy n ended up doing some street dance or show to earn money. Damn 9 funny...

BUT... *really nothing is perfect*

This dude sitting next to me with his girlfriend was like TOTALLY IRRITATING. Even a nice kuai-kuai girl like ManYee also tak boleh tahan him. He's around my age or older.. keep yakking his big fat mouth there like as if he's the bloody director of the movie.

He can like keep talking and talking REAL LOUD and commenting on the movie.. like a idiotic goofy chinese translator or predictor of the movie. He can be a good verbal "subtitle" mannn... seriously feel like putting my shoe into his mouth. I mean.. before the show even started.. he can laughed at the advertisement... like real funny laugh.. like he never heard before a good joke.. like he laughed his fat ass out. *guffawed* Idiot. Damn. Hate sitting with people like that.. he seriously won't score any brownie or cookie points if he's my date. Arghhh seriously!!! Horrible experience. First time. HATE IT. TOTALLY. A big chunk piece of unwanted polluted distraction!! *puzzled*

Argh. Good movie but horrible experience. Both of us were like really really really trying to wack some sense into him to SHUT UP!!

ps: KelvinJUJU... you owe me a DAMN movie. I want to watch "Just Follow The Law". I DON'T CARE.... and yes.. i'm SCREAMING my lungs out. *stubborn face*

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