Tuesday, September 25, 2007

a simple day-out

A normal day-out with my buddies excluding the Miss Taiwan. hehe..
(bloody still don't wan to come back.. sigh)

Let's see..
Morning.. went for dimsum breakfast with HuayPin and Cassandra.
Tried the middle-lot dimsum restaurant near the UOB Bank at Jalan Meru...
Hmmm... so-so only.. some were too dry.. but some were not bad.. can accept.
Pricing wise... also can accept.. hahaha not that ex. It's just a normal dimsum shop.

Moving on.. to cut hair today. Went to CLIPS at BBK. My usual saloon.
I supposed to cut hair today also.. but Francis off-day..
so only Cass and HuayPin potong lor.. with Roger..
so hor.. i sit there n wait only larrrrr.... sibeh sien.
Almost 2 hours leh... then ImKiat and ChoonWee came later on.. for lunch.
ChoonWee... I will remember to submit his info for CLEO's eligible bachelor next year.
Remind me ya!!! He wants it wat... so.. cincai lar.. hahahhaha... *rolls eyes*

Biasalar.. ChoonWee suggested FukuTei..
A not-really-new and not-really-old only Japanese restaurant in Klang.
For me. EXPENSIVE.. hahahha i rather take Zanmai anytime.. more variety and choices..
well.. at least the waiters can communicate there..
unlike here.. why lar they hire foreign worker that speak alien language...
Sigh.. (I know i'm bad..)

I was still quite full with all the dimsum this morning..
so what i had was only a few sushi that the guys have ordered and...

hehehe... Off the guys went for their dentist appointment..
and we girls hit a movie at jusco.. WHISPERRRRRR....

What can i say bout this movie??
Hmmm.... "The devil's work is child's play"

We didn't want to watch any scary movie.. or any bloody-revolting-dirty-gory craps..
Mana tau end up in this thriller.. but ok lar.. just a few shocking parts..
You should have seen our reactions man.. think back also funny..
cover ears la.. cover face lar.. "holy-craps" lar.. *laughs*

Narh. A short trailer.
The kid hor.. really... haihhhh..
This movie.. i think.. kinda similar "master-mind" thingy like that movie.. err...
Anthony Hopkin's Fracture

One thing I'm glad bout today is...
a simple day-out with friends in a small town.. quite entertaining and happy too..

The moral of this post..
Need not to go far to have fun..
Need not to go expensive to have fun..
need not a big mass of friends to have fun..

SIAO CHAR BOH!! faster come back larr!!!

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