Friday, September 21, 2007

the LAST design review

Finally!!! The last design review for this semester was OVER!!!
It was on.. last thursday, the 20th *click* another previous crit *click*

Only 2 presented though. Me and Eng.
Another 3 didn't get too.. 'cos late for the pin-up and absent. *sad*

One (1) student against six (6) panels. Totally freaked me out.
When I was presenting.. I KNOW+KNEW i was mumbling a bit.. gagap d..
hehehe.. horrifying nerve-wrecking okkk... *shivers*
'cos I don't hav time to prepare my "talk".

After the presentation, Anwar (studio-master) giving his last pep-talk.
Purposely posed when I was snapping this pic. LOL..

More model pics from my devian...
first - [click]
second - [click]
third - [click]
fourth - [click]

but bloody.. still have to revise and amend a bit..
and one more exam to go.. and 3 more deadlines...
*potong steam-nya*

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