Thursday, April 05, 2007

my patience running away from me

To Wait With Certainty - The Art of Allowing Life to Carry You.

"Wait in the power of knowing what is possible.... Do not waver.... Remain steady... Remain true to your goals and allow life to carry you. That which is worthwhile is sometimes created slowly."

The visual above simple shows one meaning - PATIENCE.
And mine is running thin.
I really can't take your bitches and trashes. I just refuse to.
I really totally hate don't like the way you're expressing yourself.
I suffered too.. but I just don't tell you.

Don't try predicting our minds.
You are NOT us. You can't think like us.
In fact, you don't even know what we are thinking.

If you still wanna to go on thinking nonsense and things that never even crossed our mind.. or assume whatever rubbish you are thinking are what we are thinking.. you are truly suffering yourself. Just let it be. Nucklehead.

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