Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dinner at Book Valley Cafe, Klang

Yvonne called me earlier this week to 'book' me for dinner to discuss her latest residential design project.

"I need to choose materials and all.. match laminates, paint and all.. have to find a quiet place with good fluorescent lighting.. kfc ar?"
"NO NO NO NOooooooo fast food. Had enough man.. "
"Hahaha.. me too.. so where? most of the cafe also yellow lighting and dark"
"Ok. Found a new place.. let's go. Good environment to have real discussion."
"Where? Sure a not? Good a not? Can a not?"
"Can la.. Eng Ann.. above Alliance Bank. Book Valley Cafe. Just come lar"
"If not suitable.. then we change venue ok.."
"Ok lar.. fussy" *sigh*

I came here 4 times a week. Twice to buy books. Twice to eat.
GOSH. I think I'm crazy.
It's a chinese book store cum cafe..
and me this seriously unRIPE banana hang around this place. *retard me*
But the problem is that.. i like the environment here.

To check out more info and visuals on Book Valley Cafe..
click *here* and *here* and *here* and *here*

(below) I like this area, for kids though. Was here sitting with my siblings playing that IQ stacks. Don't laugh over there ok.. my IQ not bad one.. LOL *muka tebal*

So Yvonne was late.. got appointment with her cousin at PortKlang.
I reached first.. so I masuk lor.. takkan wait in the car mehhh..
Sat in the cafe.. looking around.. doing my design.. I looked up.. like as if I was trying to get some ideas.. *konon* then I saw this rattan-look-alike lamp.
Ehhhh.. I damn like it leh.. I saw once.. similar to (below) at this exhibition..
but tak dapat the contact.. but I did made one before.. LOL.. but kinda fragile.. so it went automatically to the dustbin. *wasted my energy* I'm NOT a PRO in light casings ok.

Right. She reached.
First thing she said when she sat down in front of me was..
"Hey.. I like it here. The environment nice."

We just ordered some drinks and start our work.
Doing this.. comparing that.. laminates.. colors.. paints..
AIYO.. why lar we wanna be designers!!
SO many work to do man..
SO many things to consider
SO many client so "BUDGET" but want sibeh a lot of things.
But nothing can be compared to the satisfaction we get when the project is done.
*hahah mind me... all also i say habis*

Finally we ordered. Food came. No place to put the food also.
Asked the waiter to just leave it at the side.
Yvonne was like.. "Hey look.. got moon on our table. hahhahaha"
I was like -_-

What we had?
- Curry Chicken Noodles
- Ham & Cheese Sandwich
- Mushroom soup (the best I had.. really like the creammmmmy taste)
- Jasmine Green Tea


After makan... discussion again. ARGHH...
After makan... wanna sleep.
After makan... BLOATED d.

Went browsing around when we decided to all it ends.
Obviously I didn't look around la.. except the magazines area.
She lar.. go browsing for magazines and books and.. yada yada yada...

Food was good. Price was reasonable. Big portion.
Good environment. Nice ambience.
And 10% discount 'cos I got the card.
*giddily skips around the room*

As we left... she asked me..
"I like it here. So when's our next date here?"
My reply.. "Anytime" =P


Then... went Station1 AGAIN for yumcha after dinner with Yvonne, HuayPin, ChoonWee and ChenYap at Bukit Tinggi. I was at Station1 Meru with Layfong lepaking before I met up with Yvonne earlier this evening. I had my lunch 3 days ago at Station1 Cheras with Daryle & Tung.
I can hafal the whole damn menu dy. Lucky it was only yumcha sessions. I didn't even ordered anything to drink just now. Just go to meet up and talk like a chicken-backside.

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