Friday, June 26, 2009

king of pop breaks..

No worries.. not another Michael Jackson post..

It's just that..
I'm still in complete shock that Michael Jackson is dead.
How can he be dead...? I mean..
I grew up listening to his songs..
I think everyone did.. *sobs*

Shall we live in his legacy... *article*
Will definitely miss him tons..
I just don't get it... he's dead... gone.. byebye..
leaving us with only his songs & tribute to save world etc..
Why would some asshole still wants to bombard on his negative life.. his fortune.. & all..
Can't they just cut him some slack... Shheshhh...

Missing King of Pop~
It's like.. when he's alive.. you just take him for granted.. now that he's gone..
suddenly he's back to the headlines with all his past tributes to society..
Ahhh.. His man in the mirror healing the world when you're not alone... etc..
I love him best during his this album.. played all his songs today.. the whole damn day.. as a tribute to him..
Enjoyed my drive to work today hence the bad jam...
but kinda heavy-hearted & sorta mourning over his death...
Some hardcore fans called in.. & cried on national live radio.. so depressing..

Eh i still can't believe that he's gone... *sobs*
Just like that..
Life is soooo f&cking fragile.. Appreciate it ok.

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backStreetGluttons said...

Yeah , such is life. We take things for granted ! Man(woman)kind's greatest failure !
So spare a slow caring thought for the Gluttons, for we never know..