Thursday, June 11, 2009

in need of feel

I am very busy lately.
Work work work..
Hence make me feel I'm so lonely...

Need a life.

Just got my convo invitation letter today.
Oh well.. mixed emotions whether to be happy or not...
Excited over graduation ceremony..
not quite excited over the convo venue..



k.t.x said...

where is the place? congratulations 'wor".

k.t.x said...

oh yeah, u will b heading to archidex wont u? datum? i c u when i c u. lol.

Michelle said...

place?? convo in my uni multi-purpose hall lor.. SOB!!

yup.. i'm goin.. possibly on ermm.. sunday morning.. hope to see u for "REAL" there.. LOL

Anonymous said...

ohh too bad. i was there on friday and saturday full day. anyway, i was somewhere else on sunday. c u when i c u!! hehe.