Tuesday, June 23, 2009

horoscope sissy

So he pestered me to read my daily horoscope on facebook minutes ago.
Yes he's a HE.. pestering me always to.. "Hey check out ur daily readings.. blahblahblahhh"
Stupid sissy..

Again.. so he said.. "your love horoscope today.. damn funny."
I was so not quite in a mood now to entertain him.. by all means.. I said..
"How f&rking funny?"
"Damn 7 funny lar... go read la..

I ignored him.. and he bloody pasted it on our msn chat box...

" You are going through an unusually lucky period, and may even have found yourself winning on a scratch ticket or raffle. This good fortune is not restricted to your finances, so keep an eye out for anything that may bring some luck in love your way. It is a good day to put yourself out there, and socialize a little bit more. Be a little generous when you are buying rounds, and you can expect that generosity to return in a much more delightful manner.
When it comes to you and love you never know what the future holds, so whatever today brings is something you definitely need to enjoy.
Just make sure you are in the spotlight so that this luck doesn't find someone else first. "

"So what's so funny?"
"The first sentence lar.."
"So what about it?"
"First sentence LUCKY... last sentence.. not so LUCKY.."
"You're so absof*ckinlutely annoying me now.."

"You f&rking virgo...."
was his last reply.

Then after 5 seconds...
"Eh your horoscope for tomorrow right... is.. yada yada yadaa....."

Bugger. How can a guy read his horoscope everyday & relating every shit that happen the whole day to a passage of words simply because it was "predicted" so..
I read my horoscope too from time to time.. but unlike u lor~~~
I know u'r reading this, sissy..

Anyway despite you're an undeniable annoying horoscope-freak.. you're all true to me..
sometimes i hope u'r really a gay.. though you don't look like 1.. and you're not one..
but you surely THINK LIKE ONE!!


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