Monday, July 06, 2009

let's seafood on saturdays!!

yeah.. been MIA for awhile..
Busy, tired and.. same ol same ol complains.. *grins*

Anyway.. some foodie pix here..
Two group of friends came down from KL last two Saturdays.
First Saturday.. Max & ManYee..
Last Saturday.. Tess & Jasmynn.. met up with me & Janet here in Bukit Tinggi.

"What's nice to eat in Klang har??"
Morning - Bah Kut Teh.
Night?? Seafood lor..
I seriously can't think of anything else that is "special" here..
Mamak, kopitiams, chinese food.. all same same everywhere..

So literally we went to Teluk Gong..
and so.. i went two saturdays in a row..
eating practically the same stuff.. hehe the same good stuff...

Fried La-la Meehoon.. A must for everyone..
No idea why everyone's table also got 1 plate..
10 bucks only.

Slipper prawns. Butter styled. 12 bucks.

Salted-egg Crabs.. 1 kilo = 32 bucks.
Quite nice first bite.. the more u eat.. a bit jelak..
still prefer crabs in spice.

TomYam Prawns. 27 bucks.
I likey this a lot. love pranws.
My love for prawns will never die. Lol..
Sounds like so big deal hor??

Salted Kampong Chicken.. Forgot bout the price d..
But not bad ler.. tastewise I mean..

Kam Heong Crab.. also 32 bucks.
These was much better than the salted-egg ones.

We did ordered bamboo clams, tofu, veg, coconut wine, carlsberg etc etc...
Both bills came up to only around 130bucks each visit.
So not expensive right? Just nice I think...

Anyway.. so who's hitting down to Klang next?
Dating me down to Teluk Gong??
I'm waiting you knoww...



k.t.x said...

so, u r a klang hokkien lang gal eh? hehe. lucky u loaded with seafood and BKT!

Michelle said...

hahha ktx.. i'm a klang girl..
but not hokkien.. =P

backStreetGluttons said...

funny ! you ordered & had like what we did some 8oo days ago ! OMG !

coming now dear

Michelle said...

800 dayss? hahhaa..
well.. everytime we go there also eat the same ol stuff.. hehehhe
wait for u to come down to intro me some.. ok ok ok??