Sunday, May 17, 2009

messy messy prints i like

been some time off my dressing room d right? *grins*
oh well.. finally today went to the mall to get some new clothes..
getting bored of the same pieces i wear lately to work..

in an hour.. i bought 4 dresses..
normal simple kind of dresses.. boyfriend-shirts & etc..
wallet empty d.. left 1 red note.. 10 bucks.. awwww... *sniffs*

this face must be pixelated.. too goofy to post up d.. lol

I always buy prints.. or embroidery patterns..
Don't ask me why.. just like prints lor.. no reason 1 wor..
Mom always say.. "Only aunty wear prints n batiks.. so old taste... why can't you be more in solid colours.. why so patterny? cartoons also ok wat.. abnormal la you.."

Oh well.. blah blah blah..



backStreetGluttons said...

You got nice feminine shape so anything will do lah, especially see thru one near the sides

Michelle said...

ohhhhhh!! we should sooo go shopping together!!! when when when? *jumps up n down* excited-nya!~ hahahahha