Sunday, May 24, 2009

one full day

Met up with Kwangli for lunch at Sunway Pyramid yesterday.
After ding-ding-dong-dong over what to eat, we finally settled down at Sushi Groove.
I no longer like Sushi King or other sushi bar outlets except Zanmai & Groove.
Sakae is disappointing.. yet expensive. Sigh..

Alright back to the our lunch.. psstt.. she kautim the bill.. heheh thanks..
We ordered...

Spicy Tuna Roll.
See the chili padi "cap" on top..
hehehe i din know.. thought it was garnishing.. spring onion or smtg..

Shitake Mushroom
(tee-hee-hee... can't remember the full name)

Godzilla Roll
Shrimp sushi roll "blanketed" with mango & raw tuna slice.
Very nice combination..

Fried Curry Chicken Rice
Erm.. looked quite a mess d hor..
There was a raw egg but we mixed n stirred it in d..
I've always like Japanese Curry.. though it's not spicy..


After lunch & "chatterbox" session.. Kwangli left to fetch her son..
Bodyshop got sales and she managed to resist herself from entering.. Good mother. Haha
Me on the other hand.. no kids to fetch.. no husband to take care.. end up..
i went window shopping alone lo.. i always need a new pair of heels.. hehe
And I bought new blusher.. and gel eye-liner.. Nice nice.. cheap. 70%.

And thought of buying some clothes.. but end up..
camwhore a bit lor.. instead of paying cash at the counter lo..
Couldn't find anything i like.. hmmm..

this was what i wore that day.. *below*

Busy in the late afternoon till late evening.. settling some urgent matters.. sigh..
*sobs*... tired la.. i looked soooo tiring lately.. until he shoot this at me...

"kena gang bang ar?" ARGHHH!!! bahhhh grr!! idiot.. short fart.. hahahaa *blek*


Brought my mom & mischief-boy to Kim Gary for dinner.
Thought of checking out Bodyshop in Jusco Bukit Tinggi. *grins*

His honey pork-rib rice.

*digs digs*

hahah silly boy..
my naughty brother..

. .. . .


backStreetGluttons said...

nice caterpilla godzilla roll and you really also can eat , like us. perfect

Michelle said...

hehee. we love food..
just.. waistline ain't helping..
& sometimes a hole burnt in our purses.. hehehe
but we still need to splurge a lil on good food sometimes.. life.. ahhhhh... heheh =P