Monday, May 04, 2009

burung kakak tua...

I don't quite fancy reading forums.. In fact I never read one..
A friend sent me this link just now... *english version* *chinese version*
And insisted me to read at least 1 post in it..
tat bugger.. knew i'm half-ripe banana.. still send me chinese version duno for what.. *grunts*

To some of you lazy bummies outthere... let me paste a short stanza here..

"A married secretary is making out with her boss in her boss car. At the same time, there is a truck nearby try to move the truck but then the truck driver lost the control and accidentally hit the boss car.

The hit cause the car to shake violently and mysteriously, "something valuable" to the boss got bitten off. Bleeding.

The husband of the secretary long knew that her wife is having affair with someone so he had hired a PI to investigate. During this occasion, the PI is monitoring that secretary from afar and found that she is ahem-ing with someone so the PI called the husband.

By the time her husband reach the scene, that accident happen. Both the secretary and husband was stunned. The wife could not respond but was nervous.

The PI sees the seriousness and called ambulance. The wife then pick up the dying bird and enter the ambulance with her boss."

Somehow I din't see it in today's The Star paper..
but it was in the Chinese Sin Chew... my sis told me bout it..
and oh well as typical as a crazy going-up rebellious teenager...
OBVIOUSLY she and her friends had a big huge-ass laugh about it..
which I don't see what's so funny bout it.. I was just more than surprised that's all..
Like can it come off just like tat?? Ugh. Pain.

Well, it's none of my biz anyway..
just posting it up here to see what reactions you guys would get reading it.. or "feeling" it..
Poor guy...
Living all his life to end up with a dying bird.. or mayb by now.. already a dead bird..

Mayb he shouldn't do what he have done.. **is my grammar right here??? hehehe
Karma... Ishhhh.....

I do believe in Karma.... hmmmm....

love him a lot.

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