Friday, December 21, 2012

Last words

It's funny how life plays a fool out of you.

You told a friend a story to drive your insanity out.
Just need someone to talk to and give some opposite-sex opinion.
I admit, girls and their over-sized brains will intend to think way WAY out of the box especially that kind of imaginative and way creative person like me. Yes I'm not denying that sometimes I do have a bottomless pit of negativity like Uncle David said I was. Well, depends on what's the situation.

Being too optimistic can be quite a pain in the ass BIG time.
Too opti leads to overconfidence which will lead to bigger disappointments.
Disappointment is a free ticket to hell especially to deal on personal issues.

Anyway back to the story and the friend.
Some people just jump into opportunities at the damn wrong timing.
You're not my type. I truly believe I am not yours too.
But you asked to give it a try. But what's there to try?
I'm not some dress on sale that you can put on in the dressing room, twirl and dance in it then put it back on rack. Come on. Give me a break. I take things as such seriously.
I won't invest my feeling on someone whom I don't have feelings for.

Here I tell you I might actually "finally" like someone I hardly know which I don't even know it's right or wrong and there you advised me to divert it ON you? I can't bear to express a harsh no with intention of keeping a friendship hence the polite humour-off.
And then he asked me, "Why do nice people always choose the wrong people to date?"

You know if I have the answer, I won't be in the situation where sometimes it felt right and sometimes it just simply confusing. Ain't it? I haven't been feeling like this for years. It's stupid of me to allow it.

All I could say was.. "I'm evil. I desire the things which I know will destroy me in the end which leads me to me today." So serves me right, right?

*rolled eyes*

Bad habits are on the mode now.

Goodnight Doom's Eve.

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