Monday, December 24, 2012

paint to find?

Hmm.. read this phrase somewhere...
"Being alone and recognition of that reality is part of the maturation process; part of becoming an individual human being..."


Well anyway, I felt better in a way.
Spent my afternoon rendering some illustration for this new apartment project, painting my nails with OPI's Gold Spark De Triomphe while waiting and watching reruns of Supernatural Season 1.
After a while I started on my PIY. I bought an empty PIY canvas few days ago.
Cost me like 99bucks for a 40x50cm.
At first I was skeptical but after getting started on it, I was actually glad.
Not as easy as you think it is.
Most importantly, I found a new hobby that eventually can remove evil thoughts off my mind.

Having to know how to express yourself through art is something words can't explain. 
Art as a hobby.. you have the freedom, relaxation and I might even say, fun,
I might get another one after I completed this piece. 
If I have more time, I might.. get hands-on on oil painting again.
Re-discover myself with strokes of colourful brushes.

Sounds good eh?

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