Sunday, December 06, 2009

girls never say shoes are enough~

I want to go shoppingg!!!!!!
Year end really really really no "proper" mood to work~~
Keep thinking of holiday-ing (though no plans are made yet)... and shopping!!!

I just bought 3 pairs of heels from Charles&Keith in these last 5 days.
One of 'em is this pix above.
I just feel like spending lately. Buying things I like.
It's some sort of therapy, I must say...
It heals.. erm.. my very weather-like mood which I can be damn emo suddenly lately..
(sounds like a bloody lame excuse right?) *grins*

The year-end-restless-attitude is really eating me up.. hahaha
even Monday blues ain't killing me d. I just so-so-NO IDEA WHY suddenly reacting this way.
Damnit.. can anyone tell me? hehehe


especially not weekends seriously. The crowd is terrible.


1 comment:

k.t.x said...

how do u define as EMO? emo as in the urge to shop? or emo as in teary? hehe.