Sunday, November 19, 2006

i'm sulking..from god-knows-when..

It is 9:30pm.

Sitting here..
Checked my friendster a thousand times..
Chatting with nobody except Yvonne..
Both complaining about how 'broke' we are..
No money = no shopping = no clubbing = no life

waiting for them to come back..
so I can skid off.. get the hell outta my house..
Clock ticking..
still not home..
Seconds passed.. Minutes passed.. Hours passed..
I'm here, stucked at home...
taking care of the kids.
One 12, the other 9..
WHY?? Why am I the babysitter with no salary offered?

oh wait.. *phone rings*

*unfamiliar number*

Hellooo.. hello..
Hello.. yes?? who's this??
Hello.. helllloooooo~~
YEA!! Who is that???!?!!
Err.. hello.. Aishah please??
Oh.. you got the wrong number.

Darnit!! Why are humans so freaking rude these days??
Can't you say "sorry"?? or just at least a plain "ok"?
Why on earth would u just slammed the bloody phone??
Well.. at least I don't do that.. unless I mean on purpose to play a prank on you..
but DUH!!!~

Get a life manz.. some-freako-who-called-asked-for-aishah-and-bloody-slammed-the-phone!!!


Lagi-lagi have to meet up with Phoenix in like half an hour..
Ought to finish the freelance by tonight 'cos she needs it by 12pm tomorrow and I'll be out super early next morning.

How can life be so "I want this and I want that.. and I GET it!!" wonderful for some people and can be so... "Oops.. shit happens!?" life like mine..

Am I complaining again?
Guess so..
AIYA... biasa lar..

At this moment.. just let me sulk, ok?
Will ya?

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