Tuesday, June 03, 2008

to heir or to hair?

I've got a lot of grandmother stories to share...
but still have not find the time to sort out and edit the pix yet..
so slowly k.. hehe.. easily exhausted lately.. mood swing terribly fast.


Alright. Last month, I helped my cousin's gf to sort of design her hair-saloon.
Still at the proposal stage.. yet to meet up again.
Which my stupid cousin is taking forever to meet me up..
hate it man.. so slow-poach and damn damn damn NOR!!!
Wasting my time nia... lucky it was a pretty easy task to do..
'cos their existing saloon gives quite a limited space..
and low budget.. so more like just re-furbish it a bit.. A face-lift.

Actually I also not that sure if my cousin is for real on this job or not..
his attitude sometimes really make me think twice.
but nevertheless, I did it over one boring weekend weeks ago..
coming out with the scheme, re-putting things from her current saloon in..
maintaining some stuff and developing on the modern classical look that she fancy..
Very straight-to-the-point kind.

What my cousin want?? Classy classy classy... but better with no budget involved.
No budget as in not HIGH budget.. but NIL budget..
No budget.. go back sleep la.. right? Design what? Lagi I'm not charging any cent.
Ermm.. or maybe I will. *evil grins*

Anyway the current shop is way different from my proposal.
My cousin haven't even send me the site pix we took tat day in the saloon. Dumbass.
Similar parts are only the chandeliers and chairs.

These 3d views are just cincai-ly buat in exact a day half.
Simple render only.
A few minor mistakes here and there that I'm not bothered to re-render.
I know it looks kinda over-exposed. hehe.
Eh.. free one neh.. and lagi cousin give attitude.
What he/u/they/we expect? I'm very bloody patience and KIND d okays...

Hehehhe.. am i? *wonders*

So what you think? Open for critics.



k.t.x said...

which software did u use? i think the overall concept looks neat with minimal built ins which is really cool. i hate built ins unless it is absolutely necessary.

errr...do u do freelance interior 3ds? lol.

Michelle said...

hey ktx.. i use 3dmax.
haaha u hate built-ins.. nowadays most of the clients love built-ins.. i dont quite like it also.. too static i feel sometimes..

yup. i'm a freelancer. any projects for me? lol.