Tuesday, June 17, 2008

parrfumess my *toot*

Can I lend someone's nose? A good "alive" one.
Not that I do not have nose, mind me.. I just can't decide which I want.

I've always wanted Gucci Envy..
but I fell in love with Ralph Lauren's Lauren Style.

No no. I'm not buying both.
Don't even try to do that..
Don't tempt me to...
Don't even go near there...


But I want... *sulks*
I want I want I want!!! *stumps feet and storms off*

No. I still have other perfumes left.
DKNY, Ralph, Tommy, Kenzo etc etc... -_-
It's just that...
Uh.. hmmmm..
Oh well..
I still... WANT THEM!!!!
Alright alright.... either one then..

I repeat.



"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

havent smelled both..but ralph lauren is a favourite brand of mine..having gone thru 2 diff bottles; blue and romance..

just smell n c which 1 nice la..the most important thing is u like it..

Michelle said...

yea.. true true..
but i kinda like both...
can't decide yet. LOL..
i like ralph lauren perfumes too.. =P

tesstotoro said...

i'll pick Lauren Style...
Gucci Envy is nice too...both Spring collection...

but Lauren feels younger and lighter

backstreetgluttons said...

ok, now we know which one :)