Friday, June 13, 2008

This name that starts with J and ends with Y

Life is full of weird people.
This is one weird shit "the unidentified him" told me just now on the phone.

Guy-talk sometimes are worst than girl-bitch..

His friend : Somehow last time I tried this way to cure my pimples.
Him : Sissy. *rolled eyes*
His friend : What? why not? It's DIY ok. You can even try it at no cost.
Him : Fine. So how?
His friend : I wanked then I put it on my pimples lar.
Him : *$&%(&#%# Fark you man!!!!! WTF!!!.. *avoids*
His friend : Whaatt??? Why not?? It's my sperm wat? You scared ar?
Him : What why not!! you disgusting freak. Don't think it work right? *looks at his pimples*
His friend : Err.. well, yeah. I tried a few times then no more.
Him : yyou.. you tried a few times? *slowly*
His friend : ehh hello.. u dumb ar? Sure need to tried a few times to know whether effective a not.
Him : *gets up and leave*

Okay. I don't know if my this unidentified friend was pulling my leg a not.
It's either his wanker friend is really a naive pig..
or it's my friend a crap shit making this thing up..
or MAYBE my friend is his friend. Same person?? *winks*

hahaha.. okays night.
Love love love~


backstreetgluttons said...

none of us has that name , wait till your lady friends come up with alternative remedy probably every certain no of days ! then again all things are possible isn't it ?

tho we firmly believe the real solution is found somewhere in sekinchan

Michelle said...

hehehe... so which remedy would u guys prefer? the ladies or the man?
I'm so willing to share wit u.. =) =)