Saturday, June 07, 2008

*gasps* i toot-toot the whole day

Okay. Let's rewind back.
I was M.I.A for days weeks ago.
Was busy with stuff and also this exhibition.

Interiors Malaysia 2008 held at PWTC, from 29May to 1June.
Baizura (lecturer) signed 15 of us up for this Interiors Student Workshop on the 31st. And Tess, Eng and my works were pinned up for Young Talents' Competition. So, tak boleh tak pergi lor.. Later kena bang.

Anyway, I didn't want to drive up to PWTC. No mood.
We have to be there the whole day. From 10am - 5pm.
Have to wait till they announce the competition winners and all..
Driving up there, I guess would be rather jammed up and expensive for parking.
So I took KTM. Klang to Putra. Almost 1.5 hours. I had to wake up by 7.30am. Darn.
Tess waited for me at Putra station where she stumbled across from Kepong.

We reached slightly after 9.20am I think.
Hanging around, eating lousy tasteless sandwiches that cost 4 bucks.
Waste of money.

Workshop started by 10am plus.
10 different universities and colleges attended.
Listening to boring educational talks from important people from the field..
And they bloody assigned us to do this one assignment that need us a presentation..
We divided ourselves into groups.. Not more than 3 people from same school..
Within 2 hours we had to cook out something related to this year's theme "Identity"..
Then to present for 10 minutes to all panel of judges and students. Pengsan man.

Yeah.. I know what you're trying to bombard here...
When I looked at this pix I felt like back when I was a kid..
drawing stuff on the floor during random art competition..

Some sang, some danced, some being poetic, some sketch a play, some silat.. some etc etc lar.. We were free to expose and present ourselves to anything as long as we "concept" our way to Malaysia's Building Architecture Identity in our own interpretation.
Eng (below-guy in blue) who supposed to be our group leader, kinda forced instructed me to be the "talker" for our performance. Nabeh him.

My group's tagline was, "Connecting Culture, Building Structure".
I came up with it in the nick of time.. and I do think it was a bit corny..
But anyway it was accepted by the panels.. So.. okay lor.. hahaha
This small cat suddenly ran infront of me suddenly.
Snapped this pix and came poking me after the workshop.
Cat who? This cat lar.. *click*

After our turn.. *snap*snap*snap*..
Everyone started to snap everything in front of them..
Their group works, their group friends, the hall's chandeliers.. etc etc

My group pix (above). From my right, Jasmine 2 girls away, Eng back row second.
I duno why I was standing like I'm ready to fart anytime. -_-

After the workshop, we were treated a free buffet lunch which was not tat bad..
But so many people... and the queue was horribly long.. ended up.. din't really eat much.

Went to the exhibition upstairs to look-see look-see with Eng and Tess.
Not much of exhibitors if to compare to the previous Homedec at KLCC Convention Center. But their booth were much nicer and conceptual.
Why? Best booth competition lor... If not they so hiao go crack brain & fly money meh?

Anyway, I like the entrance or should I say the "colour approach" this year..
Colourful and cheering up in a way.
The workshop stage backdrop was simple yet didn't look "empty".
Just colourful fabrics hung up accordingly nia.
Sometimes simple are really nice.. but it's not easy to be simple than complicated.

My works took up one panel. (below)
Tess's works on the left, Eng's work the black background. (way below)

Oh well, I didn't win anything.
I wasn't upset or anything negative 'cos I really din't expect to win.
And I was not that keen on joining this competition anyway..
(I'm not emo-ing saying this 'cos I din't win okay.. 'cos it's the truth. dammit)

45 students participated. Only 3 prizes.
Nevertheless, Eng won 3rd prize tied with KDU. 300 bucks.
Woohoooo... hahahah Eng won Young Talents' Competition. Age 34? Young? Hmmm.. *laughs*

Finally we walked back to Putra station and took toot-toot-train home.
I dropped off at Subang where my dad picked me up.
Snapped this pix while waiting in Carrefour Starbucks, yakking on the phone with KayuMonk.

Student = Delegate. Me Delegate for UCSI. -_- Nabeh.
Phoenix plastered the "Trade Visitor" into my tag so it would be easier to kacau the supplier. Hahhaa..

Pix of the day?

Ended with the same beginning.


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