Friday, October 14, 2011

updated & upgraded

Fanson was going on and on about the new iOS 5. How convenient and awesome it was.
I was in greeeeeeeen.
Was very busy yesterday, rushing crazy deadline for afternoon's meeting later. Need my phone to standby just in case crazy clients call hence why I can't upgrade during the day. Afraid it might take forever to load.

Fan was sharing the advantages and I could wait to upgrade mine as well. Haha how childish, huh? Anyway I finally manage to do it past 1am earlier today. Haha and everything took only like 20mins and ta-dah.. New iOS. Fan took almost few hours to just download it then update it. Lucky me.

2 things I really like bout iOS 5 are the volume side buttons which allows me to snap photos w/o having to press the middle button anymore which is so convenient AND the notification screen!!! Quite awesome really. Notify me bout my new messages, emails, calls without interrupting whatever I'm doing. It'll appear like a narrow banner at the upper part of my screen. So fking convenient and somehow private!! It won't appear like a big alert box that people beside me can read your messages and BEST is NO goddamn interruption while you're doing something else. Woww, Apple, you're genius!!

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