Thursday, October 13, 2011

4 girls 3 dishes

Dinner with the young girls last night. Yup.. Tess, Jasmynn and Janet.
We were at Ben's General Food Store at Bangsar Village 1.
Planned to have our dinner at Plan B at first, then changed our mind to Ben's instead.
I missed the Ben's in Pavilion KL. Hmm.. *click*
Though both adapting the same Ben's label but different concepts were served. 
There's a lot of pizza at Ben's General Store. Pretty affordable.
Tasted much much better compared to Alexis which is also kinda overpriced.
Will be back here for more pizza for sure. 

From top:
1. Scorched Sweet Corn & Crabmeat with frisee, lime and mayo.
2. Chicken Parmigiana
3. Salmone & Spinach Pizza *thumbs up*

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Toni said...

Ohh Good menu! and nice photos :o)