Saturday, June 16, 2012

comedy stand-ups?

Sigh. Days have been stressful and tired.. sometimes restless.
Need to find something else to do, or some events to go to...
hmm.. rather than the same old dining sessions and movie marathons. 

Went to two comedy stand-ups months ago. 
One way back at The Bees, Comedy Club and another was at PJ Live Arts Studio...
Enjoyed both tremendously. Took my stress off for a day or two. Well better than being uptight for days.
Wanted to go for Russell Peters but unfortunately couldn't get tickets for both his bloody shows.
Whatthehell~!! Instead we went for Andrew Netto's, one of the best comedic talents here.
Well at least I believe so. I mean, he performed the opening act for Russell.. 
He craps and jokes about stuff that we can easilyy relate to... and
I strongly believe in his life quote. Haha.
"Live Life To The Fullest, There's Plenty Of Time To Be Dead" 
How true is that?! GoddamnnnTruee!!! 
and yup!! Andrew I'm going to your shows very frequent!! so have more shows!! 

Any more to come?

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