Monday, July 02, 2012

just another Monday.

Finally went for a haircut last Saturday.
Nothing extraordinary, just the fringe off.

Watched the Euro Cup last night till wee hours in the morning.
And SPAIN won!! hell yeah. Won the seafood dinner bet from Eric and KS.
What a score.. 4 - 0. I'm a happy girl.

Errr.. Hence the reason I'm so tired and restless now.
And fortunately my meeting at 11am and 3pm were cancelled and postponed...
They must be watching the match too.. lethargic attack maybe. Hehe.

Anyway I'm catching up on some old movie now and still cleaning my iTunes Music library since last night.
Planning to watch Painted Skin 2 *trailer here* tonight, so playing the reruns of Painted Skin 1 now.
Ok. Till next time. *waves* xoxo

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