Friday, November 23, 2012

habits are hard little buggers to kill

Bad habits are hard to die.
But who to define they are bad.
Good. Bad. Habits are habits.
Especially when habits involved a person.
What if one day this habit just die off without my consent?
What will happen then?
Habits that are hard to kill and the fear of losing someone..
simply sums up to... err..
I'm still figuring out the answer or maybe I refused to. Just let it be.
If there's no "failure", that might possibly lead to a good "routine".

But whatever happens, tomorrow will always be a better day.

* *

I can never remember much Chinese song titles or celebrities except maybe the really famous ones. I was searching for some instrumental jazzy songs on YouTube yesterday and somehow stumbled onto these songs.
Piano Covers for  鄧福如 - 如果有如果 and 田馥甄 - 還是要幸福.
Easy on ears. Nice. The 感受 is undeniable.

~ xoxo

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