Wednesday, July 29, 2009

rinduuu sayangg

hey peeps..
me not dead yet. me just very busy.
me betul-betul takda masa to post up..
will be back soon..

me janji ok? =P


Monday, July 20, 2009

very happy day


Just snapped this pix few hours ago..

Well well... more to come guys..
my graduation pix.. and photoshoots..
and one long day today in KL.. *grins*
Been sometime since I last have this much fun.

So.. stay tune~


Sunday, July 12, 2009

why is he so almost perfect??

故事里的 起承转合 有一些忘记
原来波折 才暗示着 该走的方向

就算别人都说 我们没什么出息

Cause You're My Everything
就一个原因 让我勇敢面对这个世界
不管用多少个明天 永远从此刻开始算起

遥远天际 巧合相遇 有多少几率
多少烟火 坠落无痕迹
因为幸福 没有捷径 难免要绕道

就算别人都说 我们没什么出息

就这个原因 让我勇敢面对这个世界
只要你说一声愿意 所有的未来才有意义

Cause You're My Everything
就一个原因 让我勇敢面对这个世界
不管用多少个明天 永远从此刻开始算起

就如这个原因 我会永远记住这种感觉
只要你说一声愿意 所有的未来才有意义

get how I feel??
double sighhh...



Though i might be a lil' airhead tonight.. but..
No regrets.

love him to bits

Friday, July 10, 2009

another temporary emo turning permanent

yeah.. some words of crap again.

I am pretty unhappy right now.
I really do not want to sound like an ungrateful bitch but..
I just couldn't lie to myself n put on a happy face, telling you that I'm liking it a lot...
which obviously I do not.
Just the sight of it.. I went blank. Speechless...
Being in it.. tears just ran down like cats & dogs..
I really hate it.. Hate it..
How some people might think appearance do not matter at all...
but sometimes certain appearance DO matter.. NEED to matter..
Humans are fucking stereotyped
I'm not asking for like super-celebrity-class-standard.. but just at least presentable..
presentable in a way you can say it's simplicity "just nice".
Is that too much to ask for?

I am indeed happy that some effort was made to make things better..
which obviously did not turned out the good way now..
but which I thought it might.. though I did not give much hope on it..
but i really thought that it really really will be much better than before doing it..
Ended up.. looking at it now.. I seriously just went breathless.. speechless and..
Just the look at it.. I was filled with hatred towards that thing now..
I really don't know how to put myself inside it.. like everyday..
I know I should say many thanks.. I know I know I know!!!
I'm not towards the person.. I respect that person a lot.. with tons of love..
but towards that thatt.. piece of thingggg..
I really don't like it.. I really cant bring myself to even have happy fake thoughts bout it..
Arghhh... Can someone just tell me how to handle this?

when people tell u.. life's short.. enjoy it..
do whatever u can and u should and never regrets..
I tell you.. they are all lies..
especially when you put them side by side with responsibilities...
sometimes no matter how much you do.. it's just ain't enough..

why? tell me why lar..
sometimes i really don't know why i work so hard for...
why live life this way... why??
u see me good.. i see u good.. nobody knows what lies inside me & you..

tell me lar...

last question... tell me..
"How to go LIKE something that you HATED it at first sight??"


Monday, July 06, 2009

let's seafood on saturdays!!

yeah.. been MIA for awhile..
Busy, tired and.. same ol same ol complains.. *grins*

Anyway.. some foodie pix here..
Two group of friends came down from KL last two Saturdays.
First Saturday.. Max & ManYee..
Last Saturday.. Tess & Jasmynn.. met up with me & Janet here in Bukit Tinggi.

"What's nice to eat in Klang har??"
Morning - Bah Kut Teh.
Night?? Seafood lor..
I seriously can't think of anything else that is "special" here..
Mamak, kopitiams, chinese food.. all same same everywhere..

So literally we went to Teluk Gong..
and so.. i went two saturdays in a row..
eating practically the same stuff.. hehe the same good stuff...

Fried La-la Meehoon.. A must for everyone..
No idea why everyone's table also got 1 plate..
10 bucks only.

Slipper prawns. Butter styled. 12 bucks.

Salted-egg Crabs.. 1 kilo = 32 bucks.
Quite nice first bite.. the more u eat.. a bit jelak..
still prefer crabs in spice.

TomYam Prawns. 27 bucks.
I likey this a lot. love pranws.
My love for prawns will never die. Lol..
Sounds like so big deal hor??

Salted Kampong Chicken.. Forgot bout the price d..
But not bad ler.. tastewise I mean..

Kam Heong Crab.. also 32 bucks.
These was much better than the salted-egg ones.

We did ordered bamboo clams, tofu, veg, coconut wine, carlsberg etc etc...
Both bills came up to only around 130bucks each visit.
So not expensive right? Just nice I think...

Anyway.. so who's hitting down to Klang next?
Dating me down to Teluk Gong??
I'm waiting you knoww...