Sunday, March 21, 2010

guess i'm back.. or i'll be back... =P

Wow.. been centuries since I've last updated, huh? hehe
Kept reminding myself to.. well.. at least pen a few words here..
or whore a few pix.. but just kept slipping of my mind..
Been a very bad blogger huh... nahh oh well..


Ok.. I shall like MOURN... not grin.
Work has been tough. Very busy, stressful and kept coming..
Yah yah.. these are nothing big.. i'm just yada yada yada yada..
but sometimes i really need to talk somethings out.. well at least to just..
ermm.. blurt it all off my chest.. i just need to be EXpressive...
and a lil more appreciative maybe..
I'm still young rite.... only 26!!! *sly grin* long way to go... need time to partayyyy...

yeah speaking of party... yes.. *groans*
it's been another bloody century since I last party my pants off..
whyyyyyyy... cos time ain't enough.. or i'm just not finding time too.. huh huh huhhhhh!~

and yes again.. the pix below was taken like... on muharram..
where I have to be at site.. working on a public holiday...
sitting on the balcony of 41st floor.. looking down at one of klcc's entrances..
swarms of tiny humans walking in and out like nobody's biz..
luckily i brought my lappie.. and the weather was okay.. breeezyy.. until....

until I cannot tahan.. hahahha
I went to klcc.. get some late lunch at Dome's..
hanging there by myself.. watching people come and go.. MSN'ing of course..
ahhh loneliness kills... ugh~ until it was time for me to get back to site..

Always ask myself.. "Why work so hard? why??"
Not that I'm complaining bout work.. tho i do sometimes
I just still couldn't find a very very satisfyin answer to that question..

Okay enough of the work rubbish...

* * * * *

CNY? yahhhh WAY BACK then.. lol.. but where did I go?
Nahhh nowhere in particular...
Not even shopping or movies or clubbing...
Just home, or friends' houses, or relatives' houses.. everything under the roof..
Dancing from 1 house to the other.. hmmmm...

grumpy lil lady.. lol

giggling lil drunk..

she's a lil de-hydrated.. haha

cam-whore while gambling.. '


yours truly...
mak mertua kau.. hahaha


k.t.x said...

"partayyy till your pants off" .....uhhh....heheheheheh!!

anyway, that's Avenue K tower mahhhh, i know. btw, can u like put more of those cool offices pics? and where did u get all those pics. i m looking 4 images here. help. lol.

Michelle said...

hahah yeah... avenue K. dead building.. haha...

i got those pix from internet. some from books.. what kind do you want?
need me to email u? hahehhe