Tuesday, March 23, 2010

some things just simply stand out

I've always like design.
Concepts, colors, textures.. ambience.. the feell...
How you can move just several things around one space...
within minutes... portraying totally different views,
sharing totally different feel with just a simple play of colors, textures and lighting.

Let's share some pix.. not to say that I like them in whole..
but some bits and pieces from the image that stands out..
where we can interpret them into another whole piece of different design.

Going online, surfing, reading books, browsing magazine.. exploring new places..
whenever you're in a sudden need or rush to bullshit advise your clients...
these things helped a lot in generating "sudden" ideas to bull provide genuine opinions..

i've always like raw design. rugged. bricks, concrete, a bold color that stands right out.
A texture that you'll never get bored of or "out-date"..
Modern can get easily bored off.. or just walk into Ikea. *grins*

I never like things too plain. No lining, no grains, no plush.. nah-uh.. *shakes head*
Well, I just can't never stand a place way toooo modern or so-called-self-proclaimed-minimalism for my own personal liking.
When your client tells you, they like simple simple.. minimalism.. little bit enough.. etcetc...
simply means.. no budget lor. *groans* so can save money to buy a 30k stupid couch that nobody will notice the branded logo.. and worst feels like some china-made polyestor sofa that made your backside itchy

Avant Garde not that bad either. Modern classical? hmm.. or maybe some vintage items standing out in front of a plain muddy boring color. yummy..

A designer's taste changes from time to time.
So bear with me.. beautiful people.



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