Friday, April 22, 2011

the eff one grand prix

Yeah I've got free tickets to the F1 Grand Prix last week.
At first I was pretty reluctant as the thought of sitting there in hot sun, smelly guys... err traffic jams, very far location... risking my ear-drums..
and the fact that everyone going gu-gu-ga-ga over the racers and cars and yeah okay.. incredibly sexy umbrella babes...

Well I went eventually with Raymond 'cos he got the tickets and no one to go with. I so felt like a "filler". Luckily the tickets were good seats.. if not, probably skin him alive.
I was still pretty stoned over the non-reasons why some people are so crazy over these races.. crowding over the cars, pushing around and snapping pictures.. and even buy highly-priced merchandises and souvenirs.

All these thoughts were running in my head until..........
I watched the race.

Okay, now i can get on the fact that it was actually pretty cool watching the race...
The adrenalin rush. The really hot drivers...
but I still don't get why you have to buy that bloody jersey priced of half a K just with a small tiny car brand on the right corner.
Okay... then again.. Some don't get it why women buy LV..
Alright. Fair enough. Haha.

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