Friday, April 10, 2009

fishes swim swim

I was at Tesco BBT with my mom, doing our grocery shopping...
Smelled something darn fishy & smelly.. and a lot of people crowding around tat area..
OooOoo.. Fish + seafood aisle.

So nothing to do.. free free go look look lor..
I also feel i'm quite nuisance tonight... blur-blur due to bad bad flu.
and a bit wu liao.. hahaha

Heheheh snapped some silly pixs to put up here..
i din know fishes' name as such... hehehe

"You want nyiok nyiok block?"
hahahah sooo cute the name... LOL...
Eat nyiok-nyiok then will syiok-syiok.. hahahahahah

HAhahha damn damn wu liao right????


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