Thursday, April 09, 2009

weird buildings - part 1 -

"Hey Welcome!!" says Mamma Potts.

I came across these weird /special/ extraordinary buildings online.
Pretty outta the mind actually.. hehehe
So just posting some up here to share with you guys if you never seen these before.

Anyway... Mamma Potts (my creation nick for this lady in pink) real name is..
Mammy’s Cupboard which is located Natchez, MS, United States.
Very very novelty look huh? hehhehe.. once u see.. u know what's inside.
A novelty architecture restaurant by the roadside definitely catch our eyes.
Konon since 1940... or based on 1940 times... not sure which.. hehe..


This is The Torre Galatea Figueras at Spain.
If not mistaken... it's by Salvador Dali. Sure you've heard bout him right??
The surreal world of Salvador Dali??? His art??
So apparently this tower was named after his wife, Gala.
It is an annex of his theater or museum.
Started of from an old building with a tower that he purchased after Gala's death...
sort of act as an extension to his museum.
Touching touching.. Yeah.. and he died here. *saddening*
I just wondering.. why eggs on the roof??
Oh alright.. mayb not eggs.. some artistic items that I really find it hard to comprehend.

Anyway.. will be back with more of these weird buildings from time to time...
Time to do my work and off to bed soon.


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