Sunday, November 01, 2009

abstinence? do you...??

I was browsing around as usual..
And came across this pix at Google Images..

Heheh.. looking at this pix first.. made me laugh obviously.. *grins*
till I read the article attached to it.
Oh.. It's "the" new way to teach kids nowadays on abstinence.

Quoted from this website..

A sorta funny.. true in some ways kinda stating the pro n cons of educating sex.
It says..

"Abstinence-only advocates disallowed teaching teens about condoms since they felt it encouraged sex. This is bad news, because teens have desires and wills of their own, and even if you don't have sex education at your school, they're STILL GOING TO FUCK."

"Highschool guys have to masturbate eight times a day just to be able to think straight, and you think saying "Abstinence works" is going to mean anything to them? At the same time, when a female of the same age walks, clouds of pheromones waft all over the place."

I mean seriously.. we DO need to educate the youngster nowadays bout sex.
Don't we

Anyway.. I'm still at work. OT-ing again. Goddarrnnittt~~!!!!!
hopefully i'll
be alert enough to upload the halloween pixs tonight.


hate OT. Not that we get paid for overtime. grunts



ktx said...

doing OT will abstain

Michelle said...

hahaha you are so right.
happen to you issit? LOL

backStreetGluttons said...

we r coming what abstain