Wednesday, November 04, 2009

i *heart* seafood

Went down to Kuala Selangor to visit my aunty..
at the same time eat seafooodd at Pasir Penambang!!
*prawns prawns*~~

Oh well... pictures tell a thousand words..
Lazy to elaborate... =P
Actually is tired. Just got back from work. Sigh.

It was still early.
This is my first time here..
Normally we'll take the 2nd left turn into Pasir Penambang for seafood.
Famous restaurants like River View or Jetty.
This time we took the first turn. There's another red signage by the main road.
Mom said here is much nicer.. and cheaper.
So let's try!!! *grins*

!!! Restoran Makanan Laut Bagan !!!

the food: typical homemade tofu fry, seafood porridge,
salted egg crab, sizzling satay prawns and kongpoh mantis prawn..
*hearts* mantis prawns + prawns.
immaaa prawnn queen~

This is the signage from the main road. *above*
Turn left in.. all the way straight.. there's a temple..
It's after the temple.. Very easy to find.

After early dinner... we went deeper into Pasir Penambang to buy.......
TIDBITS!! hehehe
This is just opposite the River View restaurant.
Tons of biscuits, crackers... snacks to buy.

3 for 10 bucks anyone?
Heheh.. A nice half-day trip.
Many many more to come, I hope.
I need all the rest and relax I can get. =P



k.t.x said...

how much the makan? hv been wanting to make a trip 2 pasir penampang..but always

how cum BSG never blog abt this place 1? lol.

Michelle said...

heyy.. hehehe.. let's see..
we have the crabs, prawns, seafood porridge, lala mihun, tofu, coconuts, mantis prawn.. rice.. etc.. less than RM130..
issit cheap?
i think it's cheaper than teluk gong.

when u wanna go? can i tag along? hehe

bsg said...

nice pixs with the prehistoric muddy seaside aura we will be so proud of.
now if only there's a cozy corner where ktx , bsg and dream lady can settle down & enjoy a glass or 2 of tiger ( or coconut water)and Big Talk.
phew ... dat would be lovely