Saturday, November 14, 2009

food in the bowls

i seldom like '糖水' except the 汤圆 with black sesame or mayb the peanut 糊.. Oh well god knows why suddenly today i feel like having some of mom's healthy 'sweet soups'. Hahah

What do u think this is? Hehe Mom's healthy 八宝粥. Consist of 8 different kinds of beans or nuts. As nutritious as her tastebuds they're all organic as she claims.

Sorry for the lousy photo-taking. Using my phone now to snap and blog at the same time. Hehe

- yesterday -

As usual, ManYee and i will drop by Kim Gary at Plaza Damas after endless hours of OT. 9.30 is always their last call so we're always their last customers. Been there so often (indirectly simply means we've OT-ing a lot lately) we're kinda familiar n sorta playful with the waiters. Drawing smiley faces on the menu while waiting for our orders to be taken. And last night both of us ordered the same korean noodles n both got a surprise in our bowls..

Cute right? Haha..


k.t.x said...

wow, good on u can afford so much of these airconditioned fast food joints and dine ala style and pose...hehe

Michelle said...

its the only decent place to eat at the hour that are still affordable.. i dont think i can tgif every night after OT.. ahhahaha..