Saturday, January 29, 2011

one fine day

I guess these couple of years to come will be pretty hard to please by.
Understanding the meaning of "mid-life-crisis" and eventually experiencing it.. very damn different. Experiencing it doesn't mean i'm feeling the "crisis" personally but well, when you have one member in the family having it, I guess everyone living in the same house have to so-called going through it too..

It was bad sometimes. Real bad. All the insecureness, naiveness, anger.
It was worst than facing a goddamnFup client simply because you care less than under the label "client" they're merely just strangers.

Understanding the fact of "mid-life-crisis" where most people (age 40-60) will do experience some sort of emotional transition during that time of their life though I thought 40 was way too early huh?

Emotional transition. Sounds worst than teenager being rebellious.

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