Friday, January 28, 2011

to the largest city on Borneo

It was my first trip to Kuching.
Well.. don't expect to see cats everywhere...
except those monumental statues smacked in the middle of all roundabouts.. =P

We were having afternoon tea nearby their the famous old courthouse built by the Brookes, hence the visuals I've uploaded at my previous post.
Somehow in Kuching, everything seemed a bit laidback...
It's like you wouldn't even be as bothered as you are here when your order arrived late on your table. How peaceful.

We were in fact here to attend a ex-college friend's wedding.
I enjoyed Kuching overall. Good friends Bernadine had intro-ed.
Nice place to walk around, look see the museums, riverside...
Weather seemed better too.. Breezy..
A good place to release yourself from the concrete jungle.

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