Sunday, January 09, 2011

First 9 days of twenty-eleven.

It's 2011 already.
Nothing much changed for me.
Still same old same old.
All I can say is I need to get my ass out to the world more often..
other words.. to get out from home.. comparing to well *ahem*
how I've been acting introvert all lately..

I have always love going out.. Watching people..
Window-shopping when there's nothing to be shopped..
and shopping when there are cheap sales..
Out drinking with friends, yakking hours away laughing etc,
catching the latest movies.. good food-hunting..
feasting on chicken wings and cold shrimp salad in Ikea canteen with favourite babes.. or out sitting alone in Starbucks with my laptop working my freelance deadlines off or with a good book and hot Caramel Macchiato on a rainy day.

Oh well.. suddenly all these seem-ed bygones.
Not entirely "lost" but karat dah.
Lately I have been very lazy. I still work but at home.
Sleeping at 2am, waking up latest by 10am was my best achievement.
I feel bored. Restless and some-sort like a tragic housewife..
Daily routines to fetch my siblings from school, make/buy them lunch,
often drives to tuition.. making sure they sleep by their curfew time..
Oh and also as an acting "sand-bag".. ok scratch that.
And only to leave home when necessary like work and appointments.
I've lose interest in planning events/dinners when sometimes someone just don't learn to appreciate... hence the reasons I've lack of my "going-out" activities. Such disease, right?

Maybe one of all the bonus points is that staying home might be an encouraging way to learn how to save money, perhaps? But on the other hand, how to compensate to my emotional distress?

Well, enough said.

Eh, can someone date me out?

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