Friday, December 31, 2010

The Last of 2010

Wow.. Time flies. Today's the end of 2010. Unbelievable but trying to believe it.. :)

This week has been pretty fruitful. Cleaning up, packing, throwing old things, buying new stuff, preparing to move into a new room which is just across the hall. My contract for my 'single' room was repeatedly asked to be terminated by my 'landlady' in order for her son to have his own room. So hence, I'll have to moved to another slightly bigger room to bunk with my sister.

I needed to make some refurbishment for the so-called new room to me as nobody has been sleeping in it fir sometime. It was like how you going to restore a old room into a better one for living. Ain't wrong right? But to some people it was not necessary, hence all the disagreements n etc. But to me, I must.. For a very simple reason.. I am going to sleep there. Bedrooms are important as most daily routines of your life is organized in there.

New sliding wardrobe cabinet for sure. The existing one was almost 30 years old d. Painted a new shade of dark purple, white for ceiling and window frames. Cleaning and scrubbing on existing dark timber parquet floors.

To have a proper room, disagreements with the LL went uncontrollable. I have lived my life for 26 years but I still have no say in refurbishing my room as what I do best as my profession but my opinions were not agreed upon any reasonable 'logic'. I was very depressed. I have to literally fight my way though it. I set my own budget, did what I need to the very minimum cost n contacting my contractor for my new wardrobe. Darn I was not agreed at all in the first place but I stood very firm as I know what I am doing.

The room is halfway done. Lack of a new mattress, tall-boy and 'storage' partition aka Expedit which obviously I'm getting from a least designers' favourite place called Ikea. All chipboards n mdf means low budget. Well, better than nothing.. At least I got my custom-build wardrobe. Thanks to my carpenter who was willing to fly all the way from capital down to humble Klang for 1 set of 8' wardrobe.

Guess I'll be purchasing the loose pieces next week. I'll be home counting down the minutes to 2011 later. New resolutions for the new year? Well just one. To keep my life organised at all times. Working hard and achieving goals are parts of my all-time mottos. Not a resolution. So that's all wrapped up for 2010!!

See you next year and a Happy New Year!!

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