Thursday, December 16, 2010

trying to adapt

Oh well, the warning sirens went out of control again.
Again over some ridiculous self-imagination statements.
Funny huh? How human mind can eventually "generate" that?
Like.. hmm how should one put it for easier understanding..
Oh.. okay it's like..
It did not happen but you keep thinking and imagine until it's a full story in your head..
and well by the time you're done imagining 'em in your head, it was "AS IF" it already happened...

Wow mighty Wow huh??
Really drive me up the wall at times.
Or should I say EVERYtime.



slacker said...

are u talking about how i think you're talking about? haha

Michelle said...

hehe.. a bit of that too..

slacker said...

Haha.. should be resolved soon la eh