Sunday, November 13, 2011

I dress in balsamic today.

Haven't been working this weekend.
Was overcoming my "emo-breakdown" and yeah being plain lazy.
I filtered and clean my laptop's desktop screen, deleted over 20G of rubbish.
Rearranged my project list, site photos, drawing numbers etc etc.
And well at the same time, still watching Glee. Started on Season 2 already.
Cheerful watching this TV Series, seriously made me laugh with glee and also chills ran up and down my spine watching them sing really love ballads and old classics. 
Wow, love 'em.
Did almost everything with my laptop today and well, yesterday too but just no work. 
Oh wait, I did one 3D view last night at wee hours but took me like just 2 hours to complete that simple task and emailed to my client by this morning.

I'm so so so plain lazy when it comes to do work related WORK.
Visited my babysitter's brother who was diagnosed with Miller Fischer Syndrome
Sigh breaks my heart. Seeing elderly (but not so elderly yet, perhaps in 50s) getting all sorts of illness and stuff.. just made me appreciate life a little bit more these days. Have tons of funny thoughts running through my mind as I was doing my daily routine, talking to the people I talk everyday, caring bout the people I care all my life, trying to accept new people into my life without much selfish hesitation. I just want to be happy and free

Anyway, though I kept saying that i'm very lazy today, but I made dinner for my sister and me. Parents and lil brother attending my far-far-far cousin's wedding at Equatorial KL.
Sister will be attending her first SPM exam tomorrow. *fingers crossed* Do well, girl. 

Dinner I made tonight. Salad with cheese, garlic ham and balsamic sauce as sides..
and Pasta in Creamy Mushroom and Onion as main. 
One plate for both of us girls tonight and damn were we full. *grins*
We finished the entire tupperware of salad. Onion was kinda overpowering tho.
Cooking is fun when food tasted good or well, edible and no complaints.

Till then. 

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