Sunday, December 04, 2011

A diamond in the Rough.

Louise agreed to go with me for the Aladdin musical at Sunway.
Been an avid fan with all sorts of musical. Yay.
The last musical I truly enjoyed was to fly all the way to Singapore and caught Lion King. *click*
The stage was small but the show was magnificient.
I can't wait for Aladdin.
Better way to spend our free time rather than window-shopping or movie marathon at home right?

I was googling bout this show after Huay-Pin told me it was okay to watch.. and i found that they're having a contest for the best caption stated for one of their fb image. *click*
Hopefully I can win some. Haha. The last time i won a contest was to Il Volo's showcase at Bentley.
The feeling of triumph over the radio station was overwhelming though it was a small win. *grins*

*fingers crossed*

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