Thursday, October 20, 2011

friends, fun and birthday.

Celebrated dear Uncle Lim's birthday at WIP Bangsar.
Nice hangout place. Happening at night, bustling crowd, happy hours.
Well, pretty quiet in the afternoon, good place to sit and have some work done.
A nice change from always hanging out at Starbucks.

Anyway we had a small surprise dinner for the birthday boy.. err uncle I mean.
5 friends since childhood 'era' gathered to celebrate one important man's birthday.
The 27th. Haha.


Happy Birthday Choon Wee!! =P

Monday, October 17, 2011

i would like to have..

I like this space. Nice furniture pieces and colors. Mix and matching with different design. Likey.
Don't really fancy the panther painting even though the colors are pretty much striking. Haha
Would like to have this kind of feel for design studio discussion table or maybe a nice dining set for my own single apartment if I have one. =P

Aiks. Dreams are big but pocket is empty.
Must work hard work hard.

Friday, October 14, 2011

updated & upgraded

Fanson was going on and on about the new iOS 5. How convenient and awesome it was.
I was in greeeeeeeen.
Was very busy yesterday, rushing crazy deadline for afternoon's meeting later. Need my phone to standby just in case crazy clients call hence why I can't upgrade during the day. Afraid it might take forever to load.

Fan was sharing the advantages and I could wait to upgrade mine as well. Haha how childish, huh? Anyway I finally manage to do it past 1am earlier today. Haha and everything took only like 20mins and ta-dah.. New iOS. Fan took almost few hours to just download it then update it. Lucky me.

2 things I really like bout iOS 5 are the volume side buttons which allows me to snap photos w/o having to press the middle button anymore which is so convenient AND the notification screen!!! Quite awesome really. Notify me bout my new messages, emails, calls without interrupting whatever I'm doing. It'll appear like a narrow banner at the upper part of my screen. So fking convenient and somehow private!! It won't appear like a big alert box that people beside me can read your messages and BEST is NO goddamn interruption while you're doing something else. Woww, Apple, you're genius!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

4 girls 3 dishes

Dinner with the young girls last night. Yup.. Tess, Jasmynn and Janet.
We were at Ben's General Food Store at Bangsar Village 1.
Planned to have our dinner at Plan B at first, then changed our mind to Ben's instead.
I missed the Ben's in Pavilion KL. Hmm.. *click*
Though both adapting the same Ben's label but different concepts were served. 
There's a lot of pizza at Ben's General Store. Pretty affordable.
Tasted much much better compared to Alexis which is also kinda overpriced.
Will be back here for more pizza for sure. 

From top:
1. Scorched Sweet Corn & Crabmeat with frisee, lime and mayo.
2. Chicken Parmigiana
3. Salmone & Spinach Pizza *thumbs up*

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

a month and few days after

Wow.. a month just flutterrred by since my last post here.
Let's see.. I've celebrated my 27th birthday, came back from my Bangkok vacation, met an old friend, manage to piss someone off, had a haircut, attended FOUR wedding dinners at four entirely different towns, handover two projects.. but yet did not update anything here at all.
Bad me. Oh well, I'm back.. I hope. Hehe..

Pix showing parts of how my month went through..

Need a desperate diet.