Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Just a fool.

I hate parking tickets.
In fact I hate all tickets because I'm so bad at keeping them.
Tonight will be the freaking 3rd time I misplaced or let my parking ticket run missing at Gardens. I paid five bucks for my ticket, took my balance and receipt but left the ticket there and I walked off like a queen. What a genius! When I reached my car then I realized I left the ticket at the machine. Went back to get it, it was gone but I found a ticket on top of the machine and guess what? The real lucky chap took my paid ticket and kindly left his there, hence I have to pay another 7 bucks. Oh well. Who am I to put faults when I'm the doofus in the first place. Ah I'm such a mess.

Adding to the mess, recently I kept thinking of you but I kept telling myself I don't care and am walking away. Yeah like whatever. And I tell myself nothing will work out but that's just me trying to move on without you.

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