Thursday, May 09, 2013

last flight out

Sitting in this small corner by the window staring out into the dark sky and penning this. The feeling of going back home to where I belong is overwhelming. I want to be back to a place where everything is friendly and familiar to me. Three days in Jakarta kinda make me homesick. I enjoyed the quiet nights in the small 18sqm room, two nights' routines of watching tv till I fell asleep, starbucks hot latte and working on my laptop listening to Anwar's inspiring live rally on YouTube at the background. I kinda feel so far far away. Lonely? Perhaps a little.

Airplane bustling with Indonesian men chatting away, kids yakking away and air stewardess passing on food trays. Sigh. Again silly thoughts running through my head.

Despite being accidentally poked by Mr Big Dude next to me several times, I just watched the final episode of Glee's Season 3 on my phone. Forgot that I actually still have this episode. Thought I deleted the app. Oh well. There are a lot of things that I am forgetting lately. Wasn't intentional but still slipped off my mind like nobody's business.

But there is one thing that I can't seem to forget recently. Every time or should i say 'All the time'; just appear in my mind for no reason and definitely out of nowhere. I want to put a stop to it before I'm really treated as just a convenience or to-fill-in-the-blanks. Sometimes I'm happy having it but sometimes I'm not. Sometimes I hope I can believe my optimistic instincts but sometimes it just screams 'fraud' to your face. Fuuhhhh I am tired. Can I put a stop to it by quit acting like how I am still acting now?

I always believe in 1 thing; which is 'everything happen for a reason'. Months ago till today I have still not figured it out and still hoping that the reason will soon surface.

And James Blunt.. Your 'Brightest Star' is making me emotional.

Perhaps this work trip is way too impromptu and unexpected. Last minute invitation to Jakarta, tickets and schedule confirmed at the nick of time. Caught unprepared but fortunately everything went well. But guess maybe this creates an emotional feeling which simply leads to my impatience to touchdown and take a deep breath of my homeland air. KL.

15 more minutes...
And my thanks to dugong Raymond for picking me up. You're improving in playing your 'Best Friend' role. Keep it up! Aja aja!! :)

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