Monday, August 10, 2009

sometimes i just won't live in...

Sitting on my table in office.
In a way still allowing HongKong cool air night breeze throwing helplessly on my face..

ManYee took this pix with her instant camera...
Scribbled the date + few words on it.. For good time's sake.
hmmm.. should I get one instant cam?? Quite fun though..
Just there won't be any trial & error.. and the negatives pretty expensive here..
But.. never mind. We shall see.


*Charlie Brown Cafe, Tsim Sha Tsui, HK*

This. Again.
Simply reminds me that I need a looong vacation.
But fark when?



ktx said...

lol. yeah, HK is really cool. i juz love that guangdoong region as a matter of fact. so, why dont u just make a trip bk there as long as the flight's reasonable

Michelle said...

yeah.. HK is really cool if u know how to get around.. i might go back there someday but not sure when yet. planning for my nex trip down to singapore end of this year..