Wednesday, August 26, 2009

to house a cafe there...

Check this baby out. I looooveee it.. *grins*
Well.. at least something outta the blue that we WON'T haven't seen here..

"The latest branch of The House Café chain at the shopping mall Kanyon, is an integration of the mall’s original architecture, The House Café brand identity and the architect's design approach.
A site-built structure made of steel and glass, which functions as a transparent box to house the café, is carefully planned and designed to fit the valley-like architecture of the mall and sat on a walnut platform to add warmth to the café’s interior.
Although an extension, the structure bears its own strong design identity while blending in with its surroundings."

Nice right? It's in Istanbul, Turkey. Hmmm...

The House Cafe's official website *click*

Why can't Starbucks look like this? Hmm..

I'm still in office leh. Tired d.
Huh? whut??? OT means rich? Hello.. my OT no money 1 lor. -_-"
Okies. Back to work. If not I'll sleep here tonight.




k.t.x said...

yeah, this is actually quite nice. tonite, going to quattro...come!

Michelle said...

u unfair. last minute notice.
even if i go.. me duno which is u either.. .mysterious man. =P