Saturday, August 22, 2009

you took me for...

It's very frustrating sometimes.
I do not know how to express it all out in words but oh gawd..
it's very very frustrating that this ain't the first time it's happening.
Why must I care so much sometimes?
If I care less then maybe I wouldn't end up having all these unnecessary responsibilities.. where?? up on my OWN shoulders.
I know you care.. he cares.. she cares bout it.. but you guys are just all say but no do.
End up.. excuses came piling up.. reasons became totally unreasonable..
and I know it's not right to leave it just hanging there.. so hence, I HAVE to do it..
Then when I've done it... we ALL get the credit.
But in the midst of doing it... WHICH of YOU eventually DO CARE?
Talk talk talk.. clever..
Suggestion? No idea..
Why which where how... *silence* hello? anybody there?
Then when results show.. WOW.. Team effort.
Wtf man..
It's not that I wish to have all the credit to myself and all..
is Credit that important?? All i hope for is the real teamwork. the real effort.
The real solution where everyone has their part of making it right.
It's so tiring looking at silly grins, "knowing" smiles, scratching head.. empty faces.
Bored. Tired. So tired of these.

And some things ain't just I-say-You-listen-I-listen-You-Say kinda thing.
Period. Oh Shall it be then.
If everything is just basically you saying, you agreeing verbally..
and all ended well with all parties as the way you wanted it.
Then world peace. Everyone has clone brains. No war. Happy ending.
Easy right? You wish.
Everyone has difficulties, has negativity, has issues..
All issues at core are the same,
just they're all portrayed in different kind of perspectives in life.
Therefore if you want me to understand your difficulties then why can't you stand on my point of angle and see what are the problems that I may face due to your difficulties that you hope I can see but you don't give yourself a thought to even think of mine?
Don't understand? It's fine then. If one sentence I post up here, you can understand altogether at once, then I'll be more than happy. If not. It's alright cos that's the issue.
Complication makes life interesting.
Interesting in a way that sometimes I do not even want to be in.

Yes. I do not.

I still do not want these impact in life.
Obstacles my foot.
Different people different thinking different shits.
Easy to say right. Easy what. Talk no need pay.
Do no responsibility. Attack at no charge.

Don't understand?
Somehow I'm not bothered anymore.

"Granted" is the word.


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