Sunday, August 02, 2009

where the wind and water meets

I sorta went unplanned... attended an hour brief fengshui talk last week..
Was listening, digesting... hmm.. filtering the facts or un-facts
I mean.. these things.. you can't believe 100% i think..
there are soooo many interpretations of fengshui.. who & which u'll choose to believe..
or how much can you believe??

I'm not saying they're fake or anything.. I do believe in some though...
Well, just be safe than never.. some precaution or stuff that we think are logical enough..
then probably we can give it a try.. then we can see how or where it leads to, right??
Not too optimistic bout these things.. I mean life still goes on with or without fengshui...
and possibly not too pessimistic in every thing we do though..
best is.. filter with your own brain..
Dislike those that.. silly messy little thing they relate to bad omen..
this that all those pantang things...
life's so full of coincidences.. ups n downs.. confusion.. etc etc etc..
so why so pantang over some things as such...

Anyway i was listening carefully to the master...
1 thing that pretty caught my attention was..
How to protect your home from negativity..
We should have the four celestial animals for the good energy in our homes..
Green Dragon, White Tiger, Red Phoenix & Black Turtle..
These was something new to me..
Thought fengshui was all bout directions, qi, gua, yin&yang.. etc etc
ONLY within the interior space..
but this four celestial animals to "guard" from the exterior wise.. hmm..
left right front back of your house to be guarded by them..

I searched online a bit.. and found this.. which I think was interesting.. hahaha
click *here* or some bout the qualities of fengshui elements *here*

Snapped a few pix of the master's slides..
Just a couple only..

Eh eh I don't have this kind of door in my house... hahahaha
BUT i'm still thinking too much sometimes.. so how?? LOL

Any brownie points for extra wealth?? There was... Here goes..

"The South-East is the wealth and luck sector for the year. To attract luck from the Wealth Star, place some water features in this sector. Don’t forget to open the doors and windows in this sector to activate good qi."

1 last tip I've got from this talk... *ahem*

"For those who are single, place plants in water at the South sector to activate your peach blossom (or romance luck) for the year"

okay? See i'm CARING cos i SHARE...
*cracks up*


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